Possible LCUB ‘pole’ deal to nix ground tower sites: Zachary

The following statement was released by state Rep. Jason Zachary (R-District 14 including Farragut) last week regarding cell towers being placed in residential areas, it’s implementation and what can or may be done to control or mitigate its proliferation in and near Farragut:

“Over the last month, the No. 1 issue in our community has been the roll-out of 5G,” Zachary stated. “I have e-mailed and spoken with many of you, but thought it was important to provide a community-wide update. I have been in constant communication with the Town of Farragut, Verizon, AT&T and LCUB. 

“The No. 1 obstacle for our local community is an FCC rule from 2018 that prohibits locals from stopping the placement of towers. 

“AT&T has worked with us and are only placing the small cell towers in commercial areas. However, Verizon has decided that we should be the first market in Tennessee in which they are rolling out 5G in residential areas. In my meetings with Verizon, I’ve made clear that we have fiber to the home in our area, are serviced by both TDS and Spectrum and have great Internet. We do not want cell towers every 500 feet in our front yards throughout our neighborhoods. 

“There is a pending co-location agreement that LCUB approved in November that is being reviewed by Verizon legal. I have asked that be expedited. This will allow the small cell sites to be placed on LCUB poles. 

This will alleviate a large portion of our issue. Thanks to the LCUB team for being so responsive to my calls and requests.

“Finally, I have filed legislation to give our local community some ability to check-and-balance cell carriers. We have limitations because of the FCC rulings but will take back every inch of ground possible, legislatively. 

“Thank you for your engagement on this important issue. It is making a difference. Please follow my Facebook page and Twitter account for further updates. 

“I will begin placing updates related to 5G on social media.”