Old Kroger to be ‘Mixed Use development:’ Williams

Farragut Mayor Ron Williams had some updates he shared with the Town Tourism Advisory Committee Tuesday, Jan. 21, including those involving both the old Kroger and former Ingles shopping centers.

Developer Budd Cullom of CHM, LLC Cullom Properties Inc., appeared at the Town Staff/Developer meeting in November and confirmed his company’s attachment to the property. While he is not quite ready to bring fully-formed plans before Farragut Municipal Planning Commission, Williams is excited about what has been shared thus far.

“The biggest thing we can talk about right now is the plan brought to us, to be reviewed, for the old Kroger property,” Williams said. “It will be a Mixed Use development. (Cullom) has quite a bit of commercial going in front and has one very large box — for us — at 25,000-square feet, which will be divided — part will be one thing, part will be another.

“Then another building possibly, not as big,” on the property. “But right now that is unknown because there is the possibility of an underground hazard from where the dry cleaner used to be,” he added.

Williams later said that portion of the property might ultimately be better suited for parking.

He also noted that parcel, as it fronts Concord Road, has been considered for “a pocket park, and we are really pushing for an amphitheater there.

“So one developer, will be doing commercial on the front — Budd Cullom — then another, on the backside, will be doing residential,” Williams added. “They are planning high-end apartments, and it will be a walkable community with a very large pool, clubhouse, roundabout and fountain.

“It will have a lot of four-story buildings — many with garages. This particular developer is local, and does high-end stuff — it is a father-son development team, and they did the Neyland apartments behind the (Women’s Basketball) Hall of Fame (downtown).

“(Cullom) — he’s local, he did the development at UT where Publix is located,” Williams added. “(He) would like to have mostly restaurants in that area and has hinted there will be a well-known anchor store going in ... .”

Williams also shared information about the former Ingles development.

“I’ve had a couple of different companies, from other centers, want to move there, so you will see a little bit of relocation happening because the rent will be cheaper ... and the location is better,” he said.