letters to the editor

Vice Mayor endorses candidate for County Commission

Early voting for the Presidential/County primary began Feb. 12. John Schoonmaker is running for re-election for the 5th District Knox County Commissioner. The 5th District includes the Town of Farragut. John has worked very hard for the 5th District and deserves a second term with Knox County Commission. 

John worked with the seniors who attended the Strang Senior Center to shine a light on the woefully inadequate parking situation and lack of space at that building. 

Due to his efforts, the Town was able to work with Knox County to establish a new location for the senior center that solved the space and parking problems and establish a community center for the Town of Farragut, something Farragut residents had long desired. 

John studies budgets and determined that the Tennessee Department of Revenue charges a processing fee for local option sales tax collections.  John authored a bill, currently sponsored by (state) Rep. Dave Wright (HB 1193), and (state) Sen. Briggs (SB 1126), which would reduce the 1.125 percent fee to 0.5 percent.

Based on last year’s collections, the reduction would trim more than $1 million from the fee charged to Knoxville, Knox County and Farragut. John has taken the time to help citizens understand how the Knox County Planning Commission works so that they can best advocate for their concerns.

John has years of experience representing citizens in the 5th District through the Council of West Knox County Homeowners and he has served on the Board of Zoning Appeals.  John has the experience and knowledge to continue to effectively advocate for the interests of the citizens of the 5th District.

Please vote for him in the Knox County primary.  Early voting is Feb. 12–25 and primary election day is Tuesday, March 3.

Vice Mayor Louise Povlin, Town of Farragut

Former Vice Mayor sounds off about Commission field

I am writing this letter to support the re-election of John Schoonmaker, who has served as the 5th District Knox County Commissioner since 2015.

I am very proud of John and all his accomplishments since being in this office. His experience matters, and I particularly like the true fact that he has never voted for a tax increase.

Please vote for John Schoonmaker starting this week during early voting through Feb. 25.

Final date to vote is Tuesday, March 3.

Mary Dorothy LaMarche, former vice mayor of Farragut