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• I’m calling to request a correction for a (headline) in the (Feb. 13) issue of farragutpress. The (headline) stating, “Possible LCUB ‘pole’ deal to nix ground tower sites: (Zachary, page 1A);” the question being, what about sites where there are no LCUB poles, such as neighborhoods with underground utilities? I believe that this headline … is misrepresenting the potential impact to neighborhoods that do not have LCUB poles. And at this time I do not believe, yet, an LCUB agreement has been struck. I just wanted to correct and make sure that people are not completely reassured by a pole deal that, to my understanding is not yet under ink, and how would that benefit anyone if they are in a neighborhood without poles?

(Editor’s note: point taken about the word “nix” in the headline. Instead, the word should have been “reduced.” However, the headline started, as the caller recited, with “Possible,” meaning we did not indicate any deal was final. State Rep. Jason Zachary’s statement was “pending co-location agreement … that is being reviewed by Verizon legal,” which indicated no deal was ready to be implemented).

• May someone please alert the Town of Farragut to do something about Peterson Road going south. Today is Thursday, (Feb.) 20, and my wife and I just about got hit going up the hill when a little car ambled over, with wheels on the double line, and we had to slow down and almost stop. This is the second time in two weeks. If they would widen the road a little bit; it’s just like 7 feet wide, it seems, at the narrow point (with) mailboxes right there. It is not a good situation. I don’t know if the Town will do something or not, but I certainly wish they would before somebody does get really hurt.

• I was calling about the person who asked where you could recycle glass. There is a facility at Cedar Bluff, it’s at the corner of Park Village Road and Cross Park (Drive). It’s just one street away Executive Park Drive toward Middlebrook Pike. It’s on the corner, there’s a convenience center, and they take clear glass, brown glass and green glass. And it’s possible the brown glass (container) can take more than one color, but I’m not sure about that.