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Discover, enjoy the expanding Town of Farragut outdoors scene

When my wife Debbie (currently on Farragut’s Parks & Athletics Council) and I were moving to the Knoxville area 32 years ago, we had three young boys. We found Farragut a very inviting community for a number of reasons.

Top of the list was the great reputation of the schools. But we were also very impressed with the appearance of the Town. It was very well-designed and maintained and had beautiful parks and some new greenways near our new home at the time. This was very important to a family with three active boys. All three played multiple sports and loved the outdoors, as did my wife and I.

Debbie and I have continued to be very active outdoor people. We have very regular workout routines and enjoy walking several times weekly. We walk all four of our park trails, as well as our greenways.

When I was elected Alderman in 2014, I made it one of my top priorities to continue to grow our greenway system and expand our parks. I feel it is important to offer an opportunity for all of our citizens to get off the couch or away from their technology and get active. I strongly advocate for improving the health and well-being of all of our citizens, regardless of age or physical capabilities.

That is why we need to offer many and varied activities at our parks and at our new community center, so that everyone has the opportunity to find an outlet that is physical and helps improve his/her quality of life.

At this difficult time of anxiety and uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are facing stress, loneliness and hardships. Research today confirms the healing and restorative effects of nature on our mind and body. Richard Louv, an author and journalist who has written many books on the healing power of nature, says, “One of the many benefits of spending time in nature is stress reduction.” Healthline (a health information website) also tells us that “exposure to sunlight is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused.”

We currently have four parks with approximately 138 acres of park acreage (McFee Park’s expansion is now under way), 80 miles of sidewalks, 19 miles of greenways and 6.4 miles of internal park trails.

Whether you are young, middle-aged or older, please take the time to get out and enjoy our greenways and our parks. Get moving, be active, feel better and stay safe.