KCSO reports

• At 7:19 p.m., Sunday, June 7, a Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit responded to 624 Stone Villa Lane on reports of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, officers came into contact with victim/ complainant, who said his wife, the suspect, had grabbed his sleeve in order to try and see to whom he was talking on the phone. The couple currently is going through a divorce, having had “several issues” within the residence. An officer then spoke with the wife/ suspect, who said they were in an argument over him cheating on her, and that she did grab hold of his shirt sleeve to try and see with whom he was talking. Officers did not see any abrasions on the arm or neck of the suspect. Both parties received a blue card and refused medical treatment. They also refused to separate for the night.

• At 6:24 p.m., June 7, KCSO officers responded to multiple calls concerning a white male wearing a yellow T-shirt and shorts in the area of Northshore Drive and Keller Bend who was conducting a sexual act while in view of the public in front of multiple houses. Complainants advised the male had last been seen walking eastbound on South Northshore. An officer made contact with a white male, later identified as a suspect before being arrested, walking along Northshore near Sunstone Road. Suspect was detained, and after being advised of his Miranda rights said to officers he had only been urinating when he had been seen in front of the complainants’ homes. An officer made contact with a victim/complainant who had filed a report concerning a male exposing himself while on her property who matched the suspect’s description. Complainant agreed to meet with officers and positively identified the suspect, who was charged with indecent exposure and possession of drug paraphernalia due to having a glass pipe containing a black residue, which he stated was a “meth pipe.” A Major Crimes detective was notified. Suspect was transported to Knox County Detention Facility.

• At 2:27 p.m., June 7, a KCSO officer responded to a burglary in progress at a Loop Road address. Upon arrival on scene, officer came into contact with the homeowners, who both said they were doing house work when they realized the back door had been kicked open. After further investigation, they found arrestee/suspect asleep in a bedroom upstairs with his vehicle parked in the garage. The homeowners said damage to the door would cost about $800 to repair. It was at that time the suspect was taken into custody without incident. There was no other known damage to the property. X-ray was present to document the damage to the door.

• At 4:07 a.m., June 7, officers responded to a vehicle burglary in progress at Super 8 Motel, 11748 Snyder Road. Arrestee was located in the parking lot near the front office rummaging through a truck bed. He appeared under the influence of a narcotic substance as he was extremely lethargic and unsteady on his feet. Arrestee’s speech was unusually slow and mumbled. During the investigation, officers discovered the arrestee had vandalized a vehicle in the parking lot. The victim said the damage to his vehicle’s CB antennas was about $200. Suspect was taken into custody, as he was a danger to himself and others in his intoxicated state — and due to the likelihood of further vandalism occurring, the officer stated in the report.