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Considering that L & N STEM Academy is an entirely magnet Knox County school, with a Farragut lottery allocation, shame on you, farragutpress, for excluding residents who attend L & N STEM Academy from your Class of 2020 (Graduation) insert (May 14 issue), even though these students were brought to your attention before the insert was printed. When you were made aware that their valedictorian was a Farragut resident, you continued to exclude this student from your article regarding Farragut (and other schools) valedictorians and salutatorians (beginning on page 2B, June 4 issue). I would like to congratulate all of the Farragut residents of L & N STEM Academy who were 2020 graduates.

(Editor’s Note: While the decision to include L & N STEM Academy in next year’s Graduation special section could be re-examined due to the caller’s point about its Farragut students, our editorial staff did not intentionally exclude the school’s valedictorian who lives in Farragut. We are open to any interesting story about all students and residents living in Farragut, and would leave the door open to, in fact, feature this valedictorian in a story before the end of June. If interested, e-mail or call 865-218-8880).