Concord Road finish in ‘fall ’21’

Motorists traveling along state Route 332 (Concord Road) can expect construction to continue well into 2021.

“The current completion date for the project is fall 2021,” Mark Nagi, stated Community Relations officer for Tennessee Department of Transportation Region 1 office, in a June 11 e-mail.

Other than dealing with COVID-19 guidelines, Nagi said there have been no other issues that would impact the contractor’s schedule.

“The grading contractor is continuing storm drainage installation on the east side of the project between Summerdale Road and Fairground Drive,” Nagi stated. “The contractor has completed paving most of the proposed roadway along the west side of Concord Road between Loop Road and the proposed bridge. This work is in preparation of constructing the new western alignment of Concord Road.

“The bridge contractor has completed setting beams for the western phase of the bridge and has begun work on the diaphragms, end-walls and the deck,” he added. “Out-of-contract communication relocations will be taking place throughout the project site.”

Construction on the project began in January 2019.

“The proposed project for State Route 332 (Concord Road), from Turkey Creek Road to Northshore Drive in Knox County, includes reconstruction and widening of the existing roadway for approximately one mile,” Nagi stated.

“... Traffic volumes along the route are rapidly growing due to commercial and residential developments,” he added. “The widening of SR 332 is designed to improve local and regional accessibility, while also improving safety and operation, increasing capacity and promoting economic development along the route.”

Nagi stated the proposed design consists of “widening the two-lane roadway to a four-lane facility with curb and gutter.

“The widened roadway will accommodate 4-foot bike lanes,” he added. “Other design features include a 12-foot center turn lane that transitions to a 14-foot raised median, 5-foot sidewalks and an 8-foot greenway. Construction also includes replacement of the existing bridge over the Norfolk Southern Railroad.”