letter to the editor

Reader challenges recent ‘Letter’ view of nation

First and foremost, I respect the author’s right of an opinion (Letter to Editor, June 11 issue), and I definitely honor and cherish the U.S. Constitution that grants her (and I along with “We the people…”) the ability in this sovereign Nation to express an opinion openly without physical reprisal by a king, monarch, royal family, dictator, cartels or group of elitists/bureaucrats/thugs.

I am also horrified of the senseless murder of Mr. George Floyd. I pray for him and his family, and am glad the American/Minnesotan legal systems will serve justice prior to GOD’s reckoning, along with a little “Miss Karma” beforehand.

In response to last week’s Letter to the Editor per “Retired school administrator: huge culture shift on race is needed,” I was shocked of its publication and had to read it five times just to make sure I did not misinterpret it. Instead of me giving direct feedback, which would normally include many “descriptive” words (that my 83-year-old mother would disapprove of) as would be found in the entrepreneur/tech sectors, being raised in a military family and/or as a business consultant, let me just say this letter was: a) clearly wrong; and b) simply prejudicial. Likewise, the author stated she is overwhelmed with anger, as this was clearly evident.

If the author was still employed within a school system and wrote something like this within that community, she would have been “retired” on the spot for it; and hopefully as an administrator the author was limited to being in a teaching capacity.

The solution/thesis of this opinion piece is right out of the Communist Manifesto, as it translates to “those who have DIFFERENT opinions, lifestyles, economic/education status, political party/philosophies and/or in how GOD created them” MUST go immediately to “re-education/indoctrination” camps.

If you are an adult, think George Orwell’s “1984,” or what goes on every single day in China, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, etc. Or if a teenager, think of the Hunger Games, Divergent, etc. type of books.

In summary, this opinion piece misses the mark and takes away not only the seriousness of the conversation of racism but any chance of ever having a factual, civil and even spiritual discussion about it.

The legal system went into immediate motion (citizens filming in real time the crime) … until it was hijacked … and has become something else that is very sinister. There is no excuse for the destruction of property of the public/private/not-for-profit sectors, including vandalizing monuments/historical sites, the targeting of other human lives, including first responders, and profiting from illegal activities such as stealing/looting while creating environments/zones without any “rule of law.”

Communist/socialist leadership philosophies (and loyalist and un-elected police chiefs) are letting this happen in those communities, and ironically those communities will obviously be seeking “federal assistance” soon. There are good and bad people — so welcome to the human race because some things in life are not fair or ever truly equal; however ...

The United States of America is the greatest country, government and opportunity in earth’s history to LIVE your life and live FREE (although that freedom is disappearing more than ever on a daily basis).

Living in REALITY, having personal RESPONSIBILITY and being RESPECTFUL go a long way in life in being successful and educated, having the skillsets to lead and effectively communicate and seize opportunities/realize miracles, but it is amazing how fewer Americans DO NOT practice those attributes anymore, and they are sadly becoming non-existent among the young. Bravo Zulu (“Well Done”) Comrades (“Commies”)!

Thank you and God Bless The United States of America.

Bill Johns, MBA, MPA