Elected officials ‘failed’ on ‘health, safety’

At the Dec. 19, 2019, Farragut Planning Commission meeting very little was known about 5G by Farragut Board members or citizens in attendance.

One theme that stood out was that no one wanted 5G in his yard.

The issue changed for me Thursday June 11, when a U. S. Cellular Public Notice printed in the farragutpress stated they intend to place a 38-foot small cell tower on the (right-of-way) of my property! Our congressmen, federal and state, have passed laws allowing this to happen! They didn’t take into consideration the health or well-being of the citizens of this country or the environment!

Also, a cell tower in my yard can cause my property value to decline 21 percent.

Our congressmen’s first responsibility should be to protect the health and safety of citizens, and they have FAILED!

The Farragut Mayor and Alderman should contact Gov. Bill Lee and request that he sign an Executive Order that halts 5G cell tower construction in the front yards of Tennessee residents until such technologies have been proven safe, beyond a reasonable doubt, through independent research, and the public health and welfare can be assured.

If these intrusive and unwanted laws (of) 5G are allowed to stand, there will be unreasonable and long-lasting harm to the citizens of our community and the environment.

The 5G cell tower proposed to be installed in the ROW of my yard will emit electromagnetic frequency radiation that studies show will harm my family, birds, animals, insects, bees and plants.

Beside losing value of my property, 21 percent, I will need to do research and spend money to find out how I can protect my family from this dangerous technology.

Right now my family and I enjoy sitting outside to enjoy hearing and seeing the birds, viewing plants in our yard and talking to our neighbors.

That will no longer be possible as we will need to protect ourselves and stay inside to be away from the electromagnetic radiation transmitted by the 5G antennas.

May God help the citizens of Farragut from this terrible Tempest!

Jerry Guthrie