‘An asset’ on FMPC, Kile steps down; Bellamy to be appointed

Farragut Municipal Planning Commissioner Rose Ann Kile served her final meeting Thursday, June 18, following a little more than four years of service.

Kile said the declining health of her husband, Jack Kile, was a deciding factor, along with a desire to “make room for a new participant.”

She was “most appreciative” of former Mayor Ralph McGill for appointing her to FMPC on March 17, 2016, following her participation in the Introduction to Farragut course in 2015.

“... I enjoyed your perspective. With your attorney background, you brought a much-needed insight into the things that we struggle with,” Vice Mayor Louise Povlin said during the meeting.

Kile’s extensive background includes a law degree, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in statistics, employment with TVA and working as an attorney specializing in preparing wills, tax returns, contracts, business incorporation documents and bankruptcy petitions within her personal practice.

“I want to thank her for her service, she has definitely been an asset for us,” Farragut Mayor Ron Williams said during the meeting. “I have really appreciated her, and thank her, and hope everything goes good for her in the future.”

“Thank you Mayor Williams for the opportunity to have served under you,” she said. “I want to thank my fellow Commissioners for your friendship and the relationships we’ve had during my term.”

“You brought a great perspective to the Planning Commission, one that we hadn’t had before,” FMPC Chairman Rita Holladay said.

“... She has thoroughly read my documents, which I appreciate because she made them a lot better.,” Community Development director Mark Shipley said. “I appreciate especially how meticulously she read through the (revised) sign ordinance,” which FMPC passed later in the meeting. It now goes to Board of Mayor and Aldermen for consideration in July.

Williams said he is appointing local attorney Michael Bellamy to replace Kile. “It is my fervent hope that my replacement will be as interested as I have been in furthering good decisions for Farragut,” Kile added. 

In a follow-up email interview, Kile praised the Introduction to Farragut class, and “[urged] any Farragut citizen to take the class to learn about our Farragut government and generally how business is conducted.