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Thank you, farragutpress, and to your readers for finally acknowledging those of us who have felt ignored in the parts of District 5 that are not in Farragut. It is almost ironic that many of the issues that have fallen on deaf ears are all within a stone’s throw of Farragut Point.

For years, complaints about people running the stop sign on Woody at the intersection of Loop Road have been ignored.

When Sentinel Builders wanted to build multi-family homes connected to a neighborhood of single-family homes, the (Knoxville/Knox County) Metropolitan Planning Commission appeased everyone by saying that Sentinel Builders would have to pay to widen Loop Road. When the construction was finished and the road never got widened, any concerns fell on deaf ears.

... Your readers are correct: these roads are not capable of handling any more traffic than they already see. One can only hope that there are already plans in the works to add a light at the intersection of Loop and the ever-widening Concord Road.

No one remembers seeing an MPC sign about changing the zoning for building apartments. ... Apparently while other county services were put on hold, the MPC disservice continued in stealth mode. Since the news broke about Farragut Pointe, it didn’t take long for all the unsolicited offers to buy your home to go down drastically in value. Hope the county plans on adjusting the taxes down as well. As I see it, the only options we have (include) vote out all of the politicians that ignore District 5, like Mr. (John) Schoonmaker (Knox County Commissioner, 5th District) and (Knox Count) Mayor (Glenn) Jacobs. ...