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• I’m calling about the (paid advertisement opinion) in the paper (on Opinion page, 4A, of the Thursday, July 1 issue) called “Dozens Angry” by Steve Williams of Farragut. I totally agree with him, and I’m very concerned about what is happening — not only on the areas of roads he’s talking about, but on Old Stage Road going from Highway 11 (in Loudon County) over to Kingston Pike, and also McFee Road. There are cars that fly up and down Old Stage Road all day long and all night long, at a very excessive speed. The speed limit (on Old Stage) from Kingston Pike up to Dixon Road is 35 (mph); and then from Dixon Road to Highway 11 is 30 (mph) — yet cars do anywhere from 60 to 70 mph. And Farragut is doing nothing about that. I just wanted to pass that along. ... Something needs to be done about possibly putting in a stoplight or stop sign at a couple of places on Old Stage to slow the traffic down.

(Editor’s Note: Steve Williams’ paid advertisement opinion took that form, instead of being a Letter to the Editor, because Mr. Williams preferred not to edit his opinion down to 600 words or less. Any Letter to Editor or BOMA column cannot exceed 600 words)

• I read with great interest the (paid advertisement) opinion of Steve Williams (Opinion page, 4A, of the July 1 issue). It brings to the point, who owns the property in Farragut? Is it owned by the Mayor (Ron Williams) and the Vice Mayor (Louise Povlin)? Or is it owned by individual landowners? The individual landowners on Evans Road agreed with Steve Williams: they didn’t want a stub-out to his property from the Boyd Station development. I even understand the Boyd Station developer didn’t want it. The homeowners across Evans Road did not want the stub-out, which the Town — if Steve Williams ever developed his property — would try to run a road through his property to Evans Road. That’s not right. Who owns the property in Farragut? Is it the individual landowners with private property rights? Or is it the mayor, the vice mayor and the aldermen?