‘Blessed, ready to crush,’ My SimpleLife opens

The goal of Farragut resident Jame Houghton and his team is to make the connection to healthcare simpler with their company, My SimpleLife, Inc., 11410 Kingston Pike, Suite 100, adjacent to Bark Place.

It’s grand opening is scheduled from 6 to 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 26.

About their opening, Sam Houghton, vice president of marketing and Jame’s wife, replied, “Blessed and ready to crush.”

My SimpleLife, also called SimpleLife, is a HIPAA-complaint software company with a primary focus on healthcare, seeking to make work and life simpler for patients, practices, law firms and insurance companies.

“With customized automation, we eliminate the need for e-mails, calls, faxes and other archaic communication methods used today,” the company’s website stated.

Along with Houghton, founder and CEO, the team also consists of Adam Chan, chief technology officer; Sam Houghton; and Jesse Lindsey, developer.

“Jame, Adam and Jesse all grew up in Village Green and went to Farragut High School together,” Sam said. “After college and some moves, we are all back in Farragut.

“Each time we have a child, Jame tends to start a new business – this is kind of a joke, but also totally true,” Sam added. “Jame’s medical finance companies were inundated with faxing. While solving his processes, SimpleLife was born.

“No company wants to use faxing as their preferred method, so we help companies by completely eliminating the need and use of a fax machine; and at the same time, we increase efficiency and profitability for our customers.”

By using SimpleLife, Sam said businesses can do a variety of things that make work simple.

“They can request, send and receive medical records with the click of a button, taking a once lengthy process down to six minutes,” she said. “This includes sending/receiving dicom imaging files like X-Rays, CT Scans, MRIs, etc.

“Medical practices can also send and receive referrals to/from other practices swiftly,” Sam added. “No more phone calls, no more e-mails.”

As a bonus, “there are referral analytics, letting practices know where referrals are being sent, who is accepting them and if these referrals are being well taken care of,” she said. “Practices can utilize automated invoicing. Hospitals can reduce their wait times in the ER. This just touches the surface of all that SimpleLife can do, but the main point: everyone wins.”

They started developing their product in May 2019. Sam said its customers are businesses in the medical industry; however, the mortgage industry also uses Simple Life.

“Medical providers connect with patients, providers, insurance companies, etc.,” Sam added. “With that being said, many local residents will also recognize our name when accessing their mortgage documents.”

The Houghtons chose the Farragut location for its convenience and growth potential.

“In 2022, we expect (to quadruple) our team,” Sam said. “And you can get an ‘iced coffee whipped cream’ anytime from Starbucks across the parking lot – for any Nate Bargatze fans out there.”

While the team works around the clock according to Sam, there are no set office hours. For more information visit online, https://www.mysimplelifeinc.com/