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• As a disabled American and resident of Farragut, I once again take issue with the proposed traffic-calming plan for Sonja Drive and Admiral Road. Speed bumps are a detriment to seniors, the disabled and anyone else who suffers low back pain. Why do municipalities keep forcing these obstacles on persons with disabilities? Speed bumps are in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. This implicit bias and discrimination against persons with disabilities must end today.

… The Americans with Disabilities Act stipulates that new facilities must be readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities. The ADA Title II regulations define “facility” to include “roads.” The regulations go on to say that alterations to facilities must be accessible and usable to the maximum extent feasible.

Simply changing the name of a speed bump to a speed cushion doesn’t change the detrimental effects and pain that speed bumps cause. We also have an elderly woman that travels the subdivision in a wheelchair, what about her? Thank you to the farragutpress for your equal coverage on this very important issue.

• I was wondering when the Hy-Vee merchandise store is coming before the Town of Farragut? I’m sure the Town of Farragut officials promote Hy-Vee coming to Farragut. And that’s good; congratulations Town of Farragut (if Hy-Vee locates here). That’s a good economic recruiting activity. We’re sure excited about the (possibility of the) Hy-Vee merchandise store coming to Farragut on the property beside the Town of Farragut offices. ... This should be a wonderful addition and a great sales tax generator. The cost of Farragut government has gone up, of course, like all costs have recently, and they need more sales tax.