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• Homeowners on, and subdivisions near, Everett Road are desperately needing help in traffic control on this road. There have been numerous attempts to the Sheriff’s (Office) to try and gain control of speeders, horrendous traffic (a cut-through for many) — and might I add numerous wrecks at the intersection of Union and Everett roads.

There is a speed limit of 30 mph on this particular road, and we have witnessed exceeding speeds double that. Why have a digital sign saying that the speed limit is 30 but the officials are not controlling this area? That’s a humongous joke. We need a roundabout or calming island on this road before someone gets seriously hurt — or worse, gets killed. Please help in this area of Farragut, it’s ridiculous. This is not Everett Speedway.

• We are all excited about the Hy-Vee store coming to Farragut; that’s good work by Farragut officials to entice Hy-Vee to come to Farragut. That’s good economic development work on Farragut’s part. I’m sure (certain representatives of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen) were involved in that, getting Hy-Vee to come to Farragut. I’m sure (these representatives) are 100 percent behind getting this new economic engine to come to Farragut. The sales tax revenue will be great.

Sure, there’s a few people who don’t want it, but we all know you can’t please all the people all the time. This is a big economic (inaudible) for Farragut. The Hy-Vee company is a great company. It has a big merchandise store that’s coming to Farragut. It’s exciting, and most of the people in Farragut will be highly pleased when the store gets open (apparent location would be roughly one-quarter mile west of the Campbell Station-Kingston Pike Intersection on the south side of the Pike). It’s (also) great that (a high-ranking member) of the (Farragut Municipal) Planning Commission (also) wants a big retail store on this property. This a great thing; it’s wonderful.

• This is about the proposed Hy-Vee grocery store coming in: I think it’s a horrible idea. I think it will cause traffic snarl-ups; I think it will impact the surrounding neighborhoods negatively. I don’t think it will bring in additional sales tax; I think it will just take sales tax away from the other grocery stores, which doesn’t increase sales tax at all, it just redistributes it. I don’t see it as being a positive in that regard for the Town of Farragut. I think it’s a negative, and I don’t think we need another grocery store. As nice as Hy-Vee might be, it’s the wrong location.

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