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• I was just wanting to comment on a viewer’s post in the Presstalk section of Oct. 5, 2022 edition of farragutpress talking about the lighting at night at Topgolf on Outlet Drive. I had spoken to a gentleman from Topgolf about a month ago about the exact same issue with the lights at night. He told me that the lighting at Topgolf was within the safety perimeters of what the county and the state requires. Nonetheless, I agree with the viewer: I also think the lighting is still too bright for drivers going west on Outlet Drive.

• First of all, I want to clarify: no one is opposed to Hy-Vee coming to Farragut. Hy-Vee is a great store. Somewhere in Farragut, it would be nice. However, the opposition is to where Hy-Vee wants to build (about one-quarter mile west of the Kingston Pike-Campbell Station Road intersection on the south side of the Pike). The particular piece of property is too long and too narrow. Within less than a mile of that property are multiple subdivisions that noise and pollution from semi-trucks would affect.

Also, at the (Town of Farragut’s) Staff/Developer meeting the other day, Hy-Vee fairly admitted that even though they have to buy the entire property (about 66 acres), they are only going to build on part of it, and then they are going to sell the rest. Now, if they get anything zoned the way they want it to, and then sell it, they may have input — but they have no control over what goes in there. There are other places in Farragut that would be better suited, and probably be more profitable, for Hy-Vee because, after all, that’s what Hy-Vee wants to do: make money. Just remember, we’re not opposing Hy-Vee, we’re opposing where they wish to currently place their 156,000-square-foot store.

• The suburban cities of Germantown (metro Memphis), Franklin and Brentwood (metro Nashville) all have (city) property taxes. They had to establish property taxes because they did not get enough sales tax revenue. Farragut needs to approve good companies like Hy-Vee, which will be a big sales tax generator for Farragut. If they do not approve good sales tax generators like Hy-Vee, there will be a (Town) property tax on homeowners and businesses. We all need to realize this. The homeowners who are in opposition to Hy-Vee better realize that what comes next, and soon, is a property tax on homeowners like they have in Germantown, Brentwood and Franklin. Farragut does not have a property tax.