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• We were at the Farragut (Municipal) Planning Commission meeting last night (Thursday, Oct. 20), when the Hy-Vee company presented their merchandise store and their low-density residential plan for the … property (along Kingston Pike on the south-side about one-quarter mile west of the Pike’s intersection with Campbell Station Road), and they made a very good presentation. It’s a very good use for Farragut. It’s an unusually nice merchandise store, with merchandise and some food in it.

A very impressive presentation. There were some citizens there that were in favor of it. The Planning Commission seemed to be favorable to it. It’s certainly a good tax generator for Farragut — and the Hy-Vee people say that the other stores in Farragut would up their game and be more competitive once they came to Town. It’s really exciting that the officials of Farragut have enticed Hy-Vee to come to Farragut. So, congratulations Farragut officials.

• I was glad to see the Town of Farragut allowing citizens to share their information on the video screen at the (Faragut Municipal) Planning Commission meeting last week. It was good to see the Farragut Neighborhood Preservation Partnership and Fox Den residents being given the opportunity to share graphics and video (even though the video didn’t work).

This helped viewers better understand the points being made. It would be good for the Town of Farragut to include instructions on how and when to provide this type of information when planning to speak on an issue at a future Town meeting.

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