Lawnchair Series

  • Blake and Mimi Rust and their children, Benson, 7 (white hat), Britton, 5 (in back), Bodie, 3, and Nellie, 14 months

  • Alexis Barbaree, left, with her daughters, Arya, 5, and Alina, 8 months; and Kayla Chinn with her children, Norah, 4, and Adley, 7 months

  • Dale and Anna Needham

  • Jodi Brown and her dog, Navy Blue, 8 weeks

  • Dreama and Geoff Glibbery and their twin daughters, Sheridan (left) and Amley, 5, and Charlotte, 1

  • Jim and Jennifer Dudley with their German shepherd-black lab mix pet George, 2

  • Kathleen Holmes and her dog, Pippin, 9

  • Jim and Vanessa Lovelace with their daughter, Taylor Harris, and her daughter, Bertie, 3

  • Sisters Madelyn Shipley, 5 (left) and Melanie Shipley, 7, with 8-week-old Irish doddles

  • Robert and Amy Harrison and their daughters, Sophie, 6, left, and Chloe, 9

  • Sadia Jallow and her daughter, Binta

Scores of families representing hundreds of adults, teens and children were on hand to enjoy Town of Farragut’s annual Lawnchair Series — featuring lots of music and refreshments — in Founders Park at Campbell Station Saturday evening, Aug. 19.

Photos by Alan Sloan